Infrared Sauna Price Drop

The Infrared Sauna has been up and running for a month and it has been an amazing addition to our studio. Everyone who steps out of it seems to thoroughly enjoy it and we are even starting to hear some fantastic feedback from those using it once or twice a week and beginning to feel the positives effects it is having on their body.

When we first introduced the Sauna, it was a new venture for us and we were basing our pricing on a number of factors – a major one being the number of dual sessions, which in turn would have resulted in more towels being used. Dual sessions have been very uncommon with ~90% of Sauna sessions being single. On top of that, we’ve been monitoring other factors as well (such as power consumption) and that is surprisingly lower than we anticipated.

For these reasons, we have decided to pass these savings onto you.

  • 30 minutes now $25 (was $30)
  • 45 minutes now $30 (was $35)

We think this makes it a little more fair and reasonable for those clients who use it on their own and hopefully makes it more inviting for others to come in and try it out.

Pricing for all Sauna Packs has also been updated to reflect the new pricing. For those who have purchased a Sauna Pack already, you’ll be refunded the difference.

We do appologise for any confusion.

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