Osmosis Skin Perfection Clinical Study

100% of test subjects had an improvement in complexion health, texture and smoothness of their skin.

Osmosis Skincare’s Skin Perfection Harmonized Water improves acne for 60% of participants in 4 weeks using nothing topically on the face. There has never been a clinical trial of an acne supplement, let alone one that works better than prescription medication. It is frequency enhanced water that treats the source of acne. View the full study and read more about these amazing results!

* Th​e study tested the efficacy of scalar wave technology ​of​ Harmonized Water​ in acneic skin. The name of the product used​ in the study is called ​ Waves Skin Harmony Harmonized Water​ which contains the same frequencies as Osmosis Skin Perfection Harmonized Water.​ The Osmosis Skin Perfection Harmonized Water is available through the professional market.

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