What on earth is AC-11®?

Cat's Claw - Uncaria tomentosa - AC-11

Catalyst AC-11® – an incredible powerhouse product within the Osmosis range. For internal use, Osmosis Elevate also contains this incredible ingredient.

But what on earth is AC-11®?

Safe, all natural and water soluble AC-11® is a powdered, bioactive rainforest plant extract that, when ingested as a dietary supplement or applied topically as a cosmeceutical, helps the body to repair sun and environmental stress-related damage to DNA, and slow down the process of skin aging. A gift from the rainforest, AC-11® is the perfect joining of nature’s secrets with advanced phytonutrient science.

Derived from ‘Uncaria tomentosa’ (aka Cat’s Claw, because of its claw-shaped thorns), a plant indigenous to the Amazon rainforest and other tropical areas of South and Central America. It is created using a patented, proprietary “aqueous hot water extraction” and purification process standardized to a minimum of 8% Carboxy Alkyl Esters (CAE) concentration.

CAEs are the complex molecular chains that form the primary active components of AC-11®.  They are responsible for approximately 90% of the biological activity in AC-11® relating to DNA repair and immune enhancement.

In a series of peer reviewed scientific and clinical studies conducted by third party laboratories and university medical centers, AC-11® has been shown to help the body’s natural ability to repair DNA.

Measurable improvement in natural collagen III production in the skin have also been observed. Collagen III is a form of collagen associated with soft, supple, youthful-looking skin. As we age, our cells gradually produce less collagen III than they did when we were young.

In a human study, AC-11® demonstrated a positive effect on lymphocytes, increasing their life span and, by implication, enhancing the body’s immune system.

AC-11® differs from all other Uncaria tomentosa products, some of which are sold under the common name “cat’s claw,” in that its molecular composition is distinct by virtue of the Optigenex patented process. AC-11® is standardized, pure, water-soluble and micro-filtered to contain only low weight molecules (<10,000 Daltons). AC-11® is relatively alkaloid free (<0.05%) and is the only product available anywhere containing a patented class of CAE actives shown by extensive research to have healthy aging and natural DNA repair enhancement properties. No other Uncaria tomentosa product can make these claims.

AC-11® moreover has been studied for efficacy and safety for over ten years.

You can find even more information about AC-11® here.

Cat's Claw - Uncaria tomentosa - AC-11