Why We Love Osmosis. What Sets Osmosis Apart From the Rest.

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Osmosis is one of those skincare lines that is heavily used by plastic surgeons and doctors around the world but it hasn’t quite made it’s way into the ‘beauty’ industry… yet, especially in Australia. While there are some skin clinics starting to take it onboard, many are still using the old and outdated methods of skin repair and rejuvenation such as chemical peels, hydro/microdermabrasion and so on. Some of them traumatise the skin so badly that they need to hold a cold air hose over your skin just to take the edge off the heat and inflammation caused.

There is a peel for this, a peel for that, fancy buzzwords like ‘Express Glow Facial’, ‘Rapid Revive Facial’, ‘Oxygenating Facial’, ‘Platinum Relax Facial’ and the list goes on. Then there is micro and hydrodermabrasion, but lets not get started on those.

How is Osmosis different?

Osmosis is different to what you might call your average cosmeceutical skincare line; or most skincare lines for that matter. For one, the majority of skincare lines only target the concern whereas Osmosis targets the source/cause of the concern. It’s through this approach that real, permanent change is able to occur.

Lets take acne for example. Your average skincare will only treat acne as it appears on the skin – it targets the ‘concern’ – nothing more. In addition, you’ll generally have to go through a number of potentially harsh chemical peels. These peels can damage and traumatise the skin and often result in a somewhat unpleasant experience and in some cases will result in a couple of days downtime. When it comes to aging, there will be another ‘peel’ for that, too.

Will the acne subside? Generally, if you’re using a high-grade skincare product, then yes. Having said that, if you stop using the skincare products prescribed to you for home use, and/or stop receiving regular peels, the acne is likely to return. This happens quite simply because you haven’t addressed or corrected the source of the acne.

In addition, traumatising and damaging the skin with harsh chemicals is not how you should be treating the skin. You’ll get superficial results at best but as time goes on, more and more scientific evidence is mounting that suggests chemical peels, excessive abrasion and exfoliation such as microdermabrasion and hydrodermabrasion actually do more harm than good. For years we’ve been taught that exfoliation makes your skin younger but the scientific truth is that it actually makes your skin older.

Chemical Peel vs. Osmosis Infusion

Osmosis has it’s own version of a ‘chemical peel’ known as an Infusion. Unlike chemical peels, the Infusion is a non-damaging, non-invasive, zero downtime treatment which when performed by a professional, is not only the most effective on the market but also the most relaxing and rejuvenating. You’re not going to leave our studio feeling like your face is on fire!

The infusion is designed for all skin conditions including Aging, Acne, Rosacea and Hyperpigmented/Photodamaged skin, just to name a few. What makes it really special is that if your primary concern is Acne, we can customise and intensify your Infusion by ‘cocktailing’ Powder Blends and Powder Actives (potent professional products) that are designed to target specific skin conditions. With that in mind, not only can we specifically target your acne, you’ll get all the other benefits such as anti-aging and skin rejuvenation – all in the one treatment.

Treatment Comparison

We aren’t going to confuse you with 10 different facial treatments utilising several skincare lines. It’s a waste of your time and money.

Our treatments are simple, straightforward, and yield incredible results. When it comes time for your Medi-Facial, it’s our job as skin specialists to make sure you receive what is appropriate on the day based on the information you provided us during your Skin Analysis. That’s right… no booking in for a ‘Hydrate’ this one day, a ‘Rapid’ that the next, and an ‘Oxygenating’ thingo every other week! Not mention you can also add micro and hydrodermabrasion as well. It’s unnecessary and ultimately a huge waste of time and money.

You simply book in for a Medi-Facial and leave the rest up to us. We will ensure you get the best results possible in the least amount of time based on your Skin Analysis. Best of all, it’s non-damaging, non-inflammatory and there is zero downtime.

Before any Medi-Facial is performed, we will always check with you to ensure your concerns are still the same as per the Skin Analysis. If anything changes, we can easily customise your Medi-Facial by cocktailing ingredients on the fly.

Retinol vs. Retinaldehyde

The most common form of Vitamin A found in skincare is Retinol. Osmosis goes one better and uses the most active, least irritating and non-acid form: Retinaldehyde (aka. Retinal). Similar to Retinol, Retinaldehyde treats the same skin conditions, but with a more stabilised and generally better result.

Retinal is an exceptional skin care multi-tasker and there is plenty of scientific evidence to suggest that Retinaldehyde is the more effective form of Vitamin A than the more famous Retinol, making it a great choice for treating the signs of aging, among others.

Retinoids (forms of Vitamin A) – weakest to strongest: Retinyl Palmitate -> Retinol -> Retinaldehyde (Retinal) -> Tretinoin (Retinoic Acid).

Backed by decades of qualified research, Retinaldehyde is the real deal.

Ingredient Delivery

You could have the absolute best ingredients in the world but if you can’t deliver them to where they need to go, they’re useless.

FACT:  95% of skincare does not penetrate into the deep layers of the epidermis or dermis. The dermis is where the majority of aging and skin conditions occur. Because of this, deep absorption is critical for true skin transformation.

The dermis is where the majority of aging and skin conditions occur. Because of this, deep absorption is critical for true skin transformation.

Most skincare is less effective because it never makes it to the deep epidermis/dermis. Essentially, what this means for you, is that you’re potentially paying for a product and/or professional treatment that will do next to nothing. Putting it bluntly – you might as well throw your money on the ground and burn it.

Osmosis has revolutionised skincare by delivering ingredients into the deep layers of the skin. By coating the ingredients with a liposome called phosphatidylcholine, product penetration is increased by 600%. This liposome shares the same properties with all of our ‘coated’ cells. When used to coat ingredients, it naturally enhances penetration into the cell as well as protects it during the liposome delivery.

Osmosis Liposomal Phosphatidylcholine


So there you have it – an insight as to how Osmosis performs in comparison to other cosmeceutical skincare lines. Hopefully this information helps you decide whether or not Osmosis is the skincare line for you.

We’ve invested a lot of time in this product – a product that is widely unheard of, especially in Bendigo but also Australia wide. We intend to keep doing so, with ongoing training development to ensure we are always up to date.

Key Points

  • Targets the source, not just the concern, resulting in better, longer lasting and often permanent results.
  • No need for abrasive, skin damaging treatments like microdermabrasion and hydrodermabrasion.
  • Holistic approach, non-damaging, non-inflammatory, non-invasive, zero downtime.
  • The most effective ‘peel’ on the market and also the most relaxing and rejuvenating.
  • Superior form of Vitamin A – Retinaldehyde.
  • Superior ingredient delivery – the key to achieving results, which is where many fail.
  • There is no celebrity backing it.

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