It’s all about you!

If you have a skin concern that you are wanting to correct, a Skin Analysis + Consultation is the first step in the process.

In depth and thorough, our expert aesthetician will work with you to establish your key concerns and your expectations. Your medical history and lifestyle will form part of the analysis as these may help to identify possible causes and remedies.

Part consultation and part treatment – it also includes a ‘mini’ Medi-Facial. Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed and a series of products applied to test compatibility.

Combining all the information, we create a unique skin prescription and treatment plan tailored specifically to you.

You should be prepared to invest in a specially selected course of products to be used at home which generally ranges between $200-$600~.

$80 | 45~ minutes

More Information

I don't want a Skin Analysis, can I still purchase Osmosis?


Osmosis is one of the most scientifically advanced skincare lines available and is generally considered safe and suitable for all skin types and all skin conditions. You’re welcome to purchase the products online at any time or visit the studio in person.

A Skin Analysis is designed for those who need assistance in treating a specific skin concern (or concerns) as quickly and as efficiently as possible. As part of the Skin Analysis, we also track the progress (including photos), take the time to explain when and how to use the products correctly, and ensure you’re not using any products that aren’t necessary.

Can I still receive an Infusion Medi-Facial without a Skin Analysis?


Having said that, we do recommend you be using an Osmosis Vitamin A serum for at least 2 weeks prior. This ensure the skin is properly conditioned.

If you are wanting to receive an Infusion Medi-Facial, we strongly recommend you do not use any acid based products or any other form of exfoliant or harsh scrubs within 7~ days of the appointment.