Skin Consultations

A critical step in your skincare journey.

A Skin Consultation is a critical step in your skin care journey. In fact, we simply don’t sell products or perform professional treatments such as Medi-Facials or Skin Needling on anyone without first undergoing a consultation.

What we provide is very different to what’s offered by most skin clinics and salons. Our home care and professional treatments are far from the conventional, one size fits all solutions found elsewhere and for this reason, a skin consultation is the first step in the process to ensure we get things right for you.

We work with you to establish key concerns and expectations. Lots of questions will be asked and depending on your concerns, medical history and lifestyle will also come into play as these will help to provide a much more detailed picture for us to work with.

Skin Essentials Consultation

$35 | 30 minutes

Suitable for those who would like to get started as quickly as possible without getting too much into the education and in-depth nature of a Skin Health Assessment.

You’ll generally walk away with a suitable home care regimen but initially you’ll be limited to what actives you can use and what professional treatments you can receive until we’ve established a good relationship with you and your skin.

This is a great option if:

  • You already have a skincare routine but looking at changing skincare lines.
  • Existing clients that require a new skincare prescription.
  • New clients who would like a customised skin prescription but have no active skin condition or concerns.

100% redeemable on the day when you invest $150 or more on home care.

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Skin Health Assessment

$65 | 45-60~ minutes

In depth and very thorough, we start digging deep!

To start, you’ll complete a consultation form that will ask you a series of questions relating to diet, nutrition, medications, stress levels and more. We use this information to more accurately and precisely identify possible causes of your concerns and prescribe products and professional treatments to achieve the best results possible.

A ‘mini’ Medi-Facial is also included that further assists in identifying product and ingredient compatibility.

It’s also about education! You’ll gain a lot of knowledge that will help you make more informed decisions. What your skin needs, why, how it functions and more!

You are encouraged to ask lots of questions.

100% redeemable on the day when you invest $300 or more on home care.

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Does any of the following resonate with you?

  • Tried almost every product and treatment out there and nothing has made a real difference?
  • Confused about which products and treatments are most suitable for you and your skin?
  • Currently receiving treatments that aren’t working for you?
  • Tired of receiving the same old generic advice?
  • Sick of fads, hype and non-sense sales tactics?
  • Wanting to learn what your skin is doing and why so you can make better, more informed decisions?
  • Maybe you’ve never used anything and decided now is the time to start.

We get it!

You’re certainly not alone.

What You’ll Receive

We create you a unique skin prescription and treatment plan – avoiding all the conventional, one size fits all solutions and protocols.

  • Highly trained and educated skin experts that will meticulously assess your skin before recommending any treatments or products.
  • Incredible results that come from a combination of science, education and passion.
  • No fads, hype, trends and sales tactics. Honest, open advice.
  • We help you to understand exactly what is happening and what is required to obtain your desired outcome.
  • Real results. Real skincare!
  • Products that make a ‘real’ difference! That are physiological to your skin and don’t contain any nasties like most conventional products.
  • We are here to help you make an informed choice when it comes to your skin.

Achieving ‘Real’, Long Lasting Results!