At Stellar Skin + Body, we take health and hygiene ‘very’ seriously for both your comfort and safety, and our own. When you walk into our clinic, you enter a clean, fresh, sanitary environment and can relax knowing that your treatments are being provided with the highest level of health and hygiene.

Unfortunately, many salons and even days spas go to great lengths to save a few dollars, all while putting your health and hygiene at risk. Don’t let their prices fool you either – just because you’re paying a premium, doesn’t mean you’re safe!


Every effort is made to dispose of any materials used after each treatment ensuring the highest level of health and hygiene. Metal instruments and tools (such as tweezers and pedicure buckets) can not be thrown out. These are thoroughly cleaned and sterilised with hospital-grade disinfectant and/or alcohol wipes between each client.


Towels are used heavily throughout all our treatments. Every client will receive a fresh set of professionally washed and disinfected towels. We don’t re-use or flip towels between clients.

Washing and drying of towels is a huge expense and many salons, including day spas (yes, day spas included – even though you’re paying a premium price) will flip their towels and sometimes even reuse the same side of the towels for consecutive treatments.

We also use soft, 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly towels for some treatments. These get disposed of after each client so you can rest easy knowing that your towel has never been in contact with anyone else – ever!


In waxing terminology, ‘double dipping’ is the act of putting the spatula back into the wax pot after wax has been applied to the skin. This has the potential to transfer bacteria, viruses, fungi, bodily fluids and dead skin cells back into to the wax pot, to then be applied on other clients.

We have a ‘no double dipping’ policy that ensures our therapists are using a clean, disposable spatulas for each application of wax.

This is a common cost cutting method for many salons/day spas. They will use the same spatula during your entire treatment.

That spatula could have been used on several clients before you, in places you don’t want to imagine!

The most obvious sign of this practice is the use of a metallic spatula with a wooden handle. if you see one of these sitting in or next to a wax pot, be cautious.

When it comes to wax rollers/cartridges that are sometimes used for larger areas of the body, they are all single-use only and disposed of after each client. We will never apply a used roller to another client.

Some salons/day spas will reuse a cartridge several times to make the most of every bit of wax in the cartridge. Again, this is another cost cutting method used to save a few dollars.

Our therapists also wear disposable gloves during all waxing treatments and the waxing tables are lined with clean, disposable sheeting for each client.

Lash Lifts

The silicone rods used during your treatment are never reused. Each application is single use only. This also applies to the solution applied to your lashes.

The silicone rods are the biggest expense for a salon/day spa when it comes to Lash Lifts. Many salons will reuse the silicone rods several times over before throwing them out.

Manicures & Pedicures

Our files, buffers and cuticle pushes are all single use only. We even offer these to you free of charge after your treatment. If you choose not to take them with you, we dispose of them.

Many salons/day spas will reuse these many times over. All that nail dust, dirt and grime from other clients could be transferred to your hands, feet and nails.

Although it’s common practice to wash and disinfect these tools, many don’t. This is most evident in the nail bars found in shopping centers.


We are not in anyway accusing any specific business, salon, clinic, day spa or otherwise of taking part in these practices. We are simply highlighting some issues that you, as a paying customer, have a right to know. It’s unfortunate but there are many who are willing to put your health, hygiene and safety at risk for the sake of saving a few dollars.