Highly customisable and tailored specifically to you!

Suitable for all skin types and for all skin conditions, we create truly bespoke facials to target your specific concerns – whether it be acne, acne scarring, anti-aging, sensitivity, redness, pigmentation, rosacea, psoriasis, dermatitis and much more!

Don’t have any real skin concerns? Perfect! You’ll still benefit from some of the highest quality and most effective skincare ingredients available.

Created just for you and your skin on the day, we compound (mix) any number of 40~ individual ingredients to address your concerns. They are designed to significantly repair, rebuild, heal and maintain optimal skin health without compromising your skins integrity.

Just like a fingerprint, your skin and body is unique.

Your skincare should be too!

Enzyme Therapy NEW

$69 | 30 mins inc. consult.

Think micro-dermabrasion – but so much better in every way!

Immediate skin clearing results as enzymes from fruit extracts go to work to provide exfoliation without the destructive nature caused by microdermabrasion, harsh acids and peels.

Exfoliation that’s actually skin caring!

Clearer pores, even skin tone and smooth texture are just some of the benefits.

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TIER 1 Facial

$85 | 45 mins inc. consult.

Perfect for maintenance or for those with time constraints, your skin will receive a boost of actives that will help to maintain what you’ve already achieved.

This is also the perfect introductory facial if you’ve never worked with us before.

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TIER 2 Facial

$130 | 60 mins inc. consult.

Real change starts to happen! More treatment options become available including a number of masks to help infuse actives deep into the skin.

Your skin will be left feeling refreshed, revived and your body feeling relaxed and at ease.

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TIER 3 Facial

$160 | 75 mins inc. consult.

The ultimate in skin remodeling! The possibilities are endless and the results incredible. A full range of masks and actives are cocktailed together along with the inclusion of LED Light Therapy.

The challenge here is to not fall asleep, while we restore balance to your mind and also your skin!

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TIER 4 Facial NEW

$349 | 90 mins inc. consult. + home roller kit

Includes a TIER 3 Facial + home care rolling kit.

We can use the home roller during the facial if you wish. This gives us the opportunity to demonstrate how to properly use and care for your roller.

Rolling Kit includes: High Quality MTS Roller, Cleansing Milk (30ml), Base Cream High Classic (15ml), Zinc Liposome Serum (20ml).

Total savings $80+

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Osmosis Infusion

$149 | 60 mins inc. consult.

A revolutionary Infusion (aka. non-acid peel) delivering the most potent form of Vitamin A (Retinaldehyde) for rapid cell turnover without inflammation.

Preparation: we strongly recommend you be using an Osmosis Vitamin A serum for at least 2 weeks prior for optimal results. Only suitable for those clients currently using Osmosis home care.

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Although not required, due to the highly prescriptive and customisable nature of our in clinic treatments, we do recommend a Skin Consultation prior to your first facial to ensure the best results possible are achieved. This gives us an opportunity to discuss your concerns in detail and work towards a long-term and successful treatment plan for you.

Why are facials listed as TIER’s?

This is a great question. Keep reading to learn more…

You may not see many facials on our menu…

…because there are simply far to many to list!

We create ‘truly’ bespoke facials using a combination of 40 individual ingredients. We compound/mix these during your facial depending on your skin needs and your goals.

This creates thousands of possible combinations.

We are not restricted by, nor do we believe in pre-set protocols and conventional facial recipes (one size fits all solutions). Your skin has different requirements to someone else – so applying the same protocol to everyone is simply lazy.

This is why we use TIER’s.

You simply decide how much you want to invest both in time and money and our expert team will work within that guideline to achieve the best results possible – highly targeted and highly concentrated.

Leave it up to us – experts in skincare – to decide what your skin could most benefit from based on what you tell us and what we can see and feel for ourselves.

Each skin type and condition is as unique as you are. Your facial should reflect this.

Upgrade Options

The above Medi-Facials can be combined with both the RevitaPen to help increase ingredient/nutrient absorption and/or LED Light Therapy for the ultimate in skin remodelling.

LED Upgrade + $25
RevitaPen Upgrade + $30

Skin Needling

Our Medi-Facials when used in conjunction with Skin Needling are a powerful combination and work incredibly well together.

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Skin Packages

Pre-purchase and save!

If you're ready to make the commitment, then we offer a number of Skin Packages that may be suitable for you. You can even pay them off with weekly or fortnightly repayments when you pay 50% upfront.

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Currently Pregnant?

That’s not a problem! This is just one of things that set us apart from the rest.

Because of the incredibly high quality ingredients in the products we use, they are in most cases completely safe to use while pregnant – including the Vitamin A serums.

Speak to us today for more information about what’s suitable during pregnancy. We would love to help!