Skin Analysis & Consultation

A critical step in your skincare journey.

A Skin Consultation is where your skincare journey with us begins. It’s a critical step – and we don’t sell products or perform in-clinic treatments such as Facials, LED Light Therapy or Skin Needling on anyone without first undergoing a skin consultation.

It allows us to get to know you, your skin, your expectations and goals.

It’s about education!

If you’re entrusting us with this journey, we want to help you understand why we are prescribing certain products and treatments and the benefits for you and your skin. When you leave, we want you to be able to make more informed decisions about your skincare.

What we provide is very different to what’s offered by most clinics. Our home care and professional treatments are far from the conventional, one size fits all solutions found elsewhere.

Skin Health Assessment

$65 | up to 60 minutes

More in-depth than any other skin consultation you’ve experienced.

We encourage you to come prepared – to ask questions and to answer questions – lots of them!

Photos will be taken with an Observ Skin Diagnostic & Imaging Camera which gives us insight into the deeper structures of your skin. It also helps to accurately track your results and progress.

A ‘mini’ Facial is included that further assists in identifying product and ingredient compatibility.

It’s also about education! You’ll gain a lot of knowledge that will help you make more informed decisions about your skincare moving forward. What your skin needs, why, how it functions and much more!

100% redeemable on the day when you invest in 3 or more prescribed products.

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Standard beauty and aesthetics training does not provide anywhere near sufficient knowledge to correctly diagnose many of the common skin conditions. This results in many therapists applying a simplistic, conventional approach of treating the symptoms rather than addressing their causes.

We focus on determining the causes of skin conditions so we can prescribe more appropriately targeted and considered interventions and treatments.

This is a truly professional and responsible approach to skincare.

If you’re looking for one of those ‘free’ 20~ minute consultations, we probably aren’t the clinic for you!

There is no way we, or any skincare professional can possibly gather all the information they need to accurately and correctly prescribe a long-term and successful skincare regimen for you, in just 20~ minutes.

Does any of the following resonate with you?

  • Tried almost every product and treatment out there and nothing has made a real difference?
  • Confused about which products and treatments are most suitable for you and your skin?
  • Currently receiving treatments that aren’t working for you?
  • Tired of receiving the same old generic advice?
  • Sick of fads, hype and non-sense sales tactics?
  • Wanting to learn what your skin is doing and why so you can make better, more informed decisions?
  • Maybe you’ve never used anything and decided now is the time to start.

We get it!

You’re certainly not alone.

Achieving ‘Real’, Long Lasting Results!