Our devotion to health and hygiene is paramount, which is why we use many single use tools such as nail files, buffers, and cuticle pushers – all of which you are welcome to take with you after every visit.

All non-disposable equipment/tools are thoroughly cleaned and sterilised before every client.

Foot and Hand Care

OrganicSpa Manicure

Bring back a youthful glow to the hands.

This treatment starts with an invigorating yet gentle Sea Salt exfoliation then cleansed with extracts of Rooibos, Ylang Ylang and Chamomile.

Nourish tired hands with our softening Jojoba mask that delivers moisture to instantly revive skin while we care for your cuticles and nails.

Breathe deep and relax as a rich lotion is applied and gently massaged into the hands and arms.

Finish it all off with your choice of a natural buff, nail strengthener or OPI GelColor application.

What’s Included?

  • salt scrub
  • essential oil cleanse
  • hydrating mask
  • cuticle care and tidy
  • a nail file, shape and buff
  • luscious hand and forearm massage
  • included: your choice of a natural finish, nail strengthener or OPI GelColor Polish application.

$79 | allow ~50 minutes
OPI GelColor Removal: + $10

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OrganicSpa Pedicure

Sit back, relax and be pampered from soul to sole.

Start with an organic foot soak with a refreshing, zesty aroma of Lemon Myrtle combined with the purifying and hydrating properties of Aloe Vera and Olive Leaf Extract. Your feet are then polished to perfection with a unique blend of fine Sea Salt and crushed Macadamia Seeds

A Soya Bean and Jojoba wrap is then applied to the feet and following the cuticle tidy and nail shaping, your legs and feet are massaged with warm Body Butter containing extract of Shea and Cocoa Butter.

Finally your choice of OPI Gelcolor is applied to your nails if desired to remind you daily of your excursion to paradise.

What’s Included?

  • foot soak and heel rasp
  • salt scrub
  • hydrating mask
  • cuticle care and tidy
  • nail file, shape and buff
  • luscious foot and calf massage
  • included: your choice of a natural finish, nail strengthener or OPI GelColor Polish application

$79 | allow ~50 minutes
OPI GelColor Removal: + $10

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OPI GelColor – Removal Only

If you currently have OPI GelColor applied, we can remove this for you safely leaving your hands or feet feeling clean and fresh. A nail strengthener can also be applied.

$40 | ~25 minutes

If a full Manicure/Pedicure is being performed, removal is only $10 and the re-application is included.

Nail Polishes Explained

OPI GelColor Nail Polish

OPI GelColor is much the same as CND Shellac – they are simply two different brands with the end result being virtually the same.

OPI GelColor can last anywhere from 7-21 days depending on a number of factors. These factors include the health of the nails to begin with, chemical exposure (eg. body care products and household cleaners), water exposure (nails that are often wet) and how fast your nails grow.

We recommend you use gloves to protect your nails for any activities beyond normal wear and tear. If lifting or peeling is noticed please do not pick or pull at the lifted area, as this will cause the lifting to increase and could even damage the natural nail.

Should your nails become damaged in the first 7 days, we offer a goodwill repair service free of charge. Please contact us to arrange a fix – this must be done during normal business hours. Repairs past the first 7 days are chargeable.

Standard OPI Nail Polish

We no longer offer standard nail polish application.