For Serious Results!

Holistic, non-inflammatory, non-damaging approach.

Your skin is a reflection of what is happening inside your body and as such, we work closely with a skincare line that also shares that philosophy – one that understands that it shouldn’t take harsh chemicals, excessive exfoliation or otherwise intrusive and sometimes uncomfortable methods and procedures to repair the skin.

We exclusively use Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare – one of the most scientifically advanced skincare lines available!

Keeping it Simple!

We’re not going to waste your time and money or create confusion by offering several different skincare lines and facial treatments that are all basically the same.

We offer one skincare line, three treatments, ALL skin types, ALL skin conditions! Best of all… it works!

Medi-Facials - Information & Pricing

Skin Analysis

Before any Medi-Facial is performed, or any cosmeceutical product prescribed, a Skin Analysis is required. It’s also highly recommended to ensure you’re not purchasing and/or using products you don’t really need.

The Skin Analysis is part consultation and part treatment, including a mini Medi-Facial as part of the analysis.

We will discuss your needs and analyse your skin condition and requirements and recommend the appropriate treatments and products for the best results.

Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed and a series of products applied to test compatibility.

You should be prepared to invest in a specially selected course of products to be used at home which generally ranges between $200-$400~.

$80 | ~45 minutes
FREE when you invest $80 on products on the day.

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Power Medi-Facial

Relax while highly active ingredients and treatment masks are custom blended to address your specific skin concerns. Osmosis professional treatments are effective on every skin condition and delivers results by repairing and remodelling the skin while restoring radiance.

This facial best suits those that have already had a Skin Analysis and want excellent results in minimum time.

$90 | ~30 mins

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Infusion Medi-Facial

Delivering all the benefits of the Power Medi-Facial plus a revolutionary infusion (aka Peel – but so much better!) delivering the most potent form of Vitamin A for rapid cell turnover without inflammation.

High-dose active ingredients and nutrients are penetrated deep into the dermis, providing the ultimate in dermal remodelling through increasing circulation, boosting immunity and skin rejuvenation.

$160 | ~60 mins

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RevitaPen Infusion Medi-Facial

This treatment accelerates and maximises product benefits using RevitaPen; a non-invasive device which drives active ingredients deeper into the skin for optimal skin restoration. A powerful blend of amino acids feeds nutrition to the skin to stimulate production of proteins such as collagen. Soften fine lines, increase antioxidant protection, enhance growth factor and stimulate circulation.

Unlike microdermabrasion or skin needling, this non-inflammatory treatment is relaxing and rejuvenating without wounding the skin, unnecessary discomfort or long periods of downtime. The system is so gentle and safe that it can be used around the eyes and directly on the lips, and with a light mineral makeup application you may even go back to work afterwards.

$190 | ~60 mins

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While every effort is made to adhere to treatment times, please keep in mind that our treatments are tailored specifically to you, on an individual case basis, which in turn may result in a treatment being slightly shorter or longer on the day.

Why come to us?

We unite innovative science with the nurturing elements of nature to transform your skin from the inside out. We craft unique skin prescriptions tailored specifically to you to help guide your skin to a state of perfect health and harmony.

We don’t just apply the topical lotions and potions and hope for the best. We work with you to develop a program that delivers long lasting, permanent results, without traumatising your skin – the way it should be done.

We closely monitor the process to ensure progress is being made – with regular follow ups to ensure everything is on track.

We even offer flexible payment options so you’re not having to pay upfront for products or treatments.


Here is a small selection of results from utilising both professional and home care regimes.